A downloadable Narrative game for Windows

Sanjay is a new student in Denmark, and not very good at making friends. But he manages to make one - Tobias. As the months go by, though, their friendship is put to the cruelest of tests...

The game was made by myself as part of an investigation into how gameplay affects the experience of narrative games (more commonly known as walking simulators). It needed an emotionally engaging story tying it together, and for this I drew inspiration from a few people I knew during my Masters degree in Denmark. The biggest inspiration was a fellow classmate, Thomas Ravnholt, and how he dealt with having cancer; for the longest time, I wanted to write or make something to do with him, and this became my outlet.

Everything - Praveen Namasivayam

Engine used: GameMaker Studio

Install instructions

For windows only.

Instructions: mostly explained in-game. If stuck during the mini-game sequences, press K. Press Alt+Enter to play in full-screen mode.


Vignettes v1.5.exe 15 MB

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