A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game that could have been epic, maybe. It's a fun little call-back (pun intended) to the days when you had to phone people to help you finish their games. It was made during Splash Jam 2016 along with these cool games!


Jonathan Klinkby Jørgensen

Tanya Tasheva

Praveen Namasivayam

Originally, this was going to be a bunch of levels that were all tutorials, since that would make every level a new 'beginning', in a way. But thanks to time constraints and the programmer having a lot of rust to scrape off his Gamemaker skills, it became just one level - which maybe was for the best.

Also, sorry Mac users - the HTML version of the game has all sorts of bugs and Praveen can't figure them out, so only the Windows version works for now.

Install instructions

Just click on AndersBB.exe to run the game once you're done downloading!

'Press any key' doesn't recognize the mouse button for reasons, but the rest of the game should :-)


AndersBB.exe 35 MB

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