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In the not-too-distant future, an intergalactic space station is hit by a rogue asteroid. Dave the clumsy astronaut and his unwilling AI companion GAL must evacuate the station. But they have a problem: Dave doesn't have his keys.

Fling Dave through the quirky halls of the space station as you and GAL (the station's AI) help him grab his keys for the escape pod. The artificial gravity is broken, so charge up Dave's trusty jetpack and bounce off the walls (or floor - or ceiling!) to navigate through the station's hazards and obstacles. It is an 'Oh shit!' situation, and you have to make the best of it!

- Every playthrough is different thanks to procedurally generated levels!

- Find Dave's T-Rex comic books hidden throughout the station - he loves those!

- Collect stars by finishing the levels like a pro!

- Other space stations wish they looked this funky and colourful!

- Chill out to Dave's groovy space music as you play!


Victor Kim Christiansen, audio designer

André Filthuth, CG artist

Mathias Fynbo, QA & UR manager

Malene Henriksen, project manager

Nicholas Indrehus, programmer

Mark B. Iversen, game director

Camilla Grønberg Jakobsen, programmer

Christian Bolding Jensen, business developer

Kathrin Jedrys, art director

Gustav Ebler Johansen, business developer

Mari Kjærside, animator

Frederik Schmidt Knudsen, programmer

Georgios Kritsotakis, programmer

Malte von Mehren, programmer

Praveen Namasivayam, game designer, level designer

Carsten Nielsen, lead programmer

Mia Louise Søgaard, programmer

Bjørn Hasager Vinther, programmer

Thanks to:

KADK - the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Den Danske Filmskole

Nanna Jørley Sørensen


Glostrup Albertslund Produktionshøjskole

Students at Aalborg University Copenhagen

Ellekilde Fritidscenter

Our friends and family who patiently tested the game

PlatformsWindows, Android

Install instructions

For windows:

Left-click + drag: Rotate camera,

Left-click + Right-click + drag down: Charge jetpack, then release to fling Dave forward

To change language: in the main menu, click on 'indstillinger', then click on 'dansk' in the next menu.


Spaced Out! v1.1.apk 125 MB
Spaced Out! Win build.zip 113 MB


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Covered your game on my channel! Couldn't really figure out the controls....

Hey, thanks for the coverage! I really appreciate it :-)

For the controls, they were re-purposed from touch controls on a tablet, which is probably why they're a bit wonky. To look around, you have to hold down the left mouse button and drag around (then release when you're done looking around). To launch, hold down both left and right mouse buttons, then drag downwards to build up your charge (and release to fling him forward - this you kinda got already though from what I saw in your video).

It might also help to change the language to english - in the main menu, click on 'indstillinger' to go to the settings, and click on 'dansk' to change it to english.

Hope this helps!