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Lita Rosalyn has gone through a severely traumatic experience, and is now visiting a psychiatrist to help her recover from it. In her head, she sees herself as a girl trapped in a forest, battling demons that take on the appearance of a figure from her past. She has an axe and a pack of cards with special abilities, which she must use to kill all the demons in her head, and by doing so come to terms with what happened to her and her family.

The game was an attempt at a hybrid of an action RPG and a card collection game (we called it a 'hearthstone+diablo' mashup during development!). The goal is to reach the end of each forest stage that Lita finds herself in. Each stage corresponds to one of the five stages of grief.

Alex Busnita

Miruna Vozaru

Praveen Namasivayam

Tanya Tasheva

This game was made as part of the Game Design course held at the IT University of Copenhagen during the Autumn of 2015.

Install instructions

Download, decompress, play!


AGraveDeal_mac.rar 209 MB
AGraveDeal_win.rar 219 MB


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I tried to play but failed miserably :)

Thanks so much for playing the game - and putting up a youtube video no less!

If you left-click on an enemy without using a card, you slash them with your ax - that should help you get further :-)